Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | UX Hack

FAQ - for Contributors

UX Hack is an invite based community. In case you already have an invite code, you can go ahead and register here.
Otherwise, you can request for early access using this link.

From UX Hack’s perspective, having a prior experience in any capacity is good to have but not mandatory.
If you are someone who has a creative bent of mind and can look everything from a user perspective, we believe you can use this platform to test your skills..

Once you login, you will see products and their requests against which they are actively seeking hacks.
You will need to explore the products and if you are able to identify any hacks, you can submit it from your dashboard.

UX Hack's focus is to get contributors to provide actual solutions and not high level best practices.
Hence, in order to ensure, your Hack can be qualified, our experts will evaluate its overall value to the product and accordingly will either approve or ask you for further modification.

If your hack is published, the requester will be able to see the hack on their dashboard.
From UX Hack perspective, your hack is valid. However the acceptance of the same is finally with the requester.
However, if it is accepted, there is a provision for requester to click on accept link. Once done, the same will also reflect on your profile.

As you start contributing, points will be awarded based on UX Hack points system at each stage - submission, approval and acceptance by requester.

Once you reach a minimum threshold, you can use your points to get different type of vouchers.

FAQ - for Requesters

The current ecosystem has options which can provide you user feedback services. Similarly, there are lot of knowledge forums where you can get best practice advise and general feedback. However, if it was so easy, then every product out there would have been successful :).
Each product is different with its strengths and weaknesses which can't rely simply on a user feedback. One needs to proactively test different solutions around Content, Idea, UI to achieve growth. Our community provides solutions and not feedback.

User Feedback or User Testing helps identify problems they face while interacting with your assets. The solution or idea to fix the problem solely depends on you and your team.
With UX Hack, we help you uncover not only problems proactively but also suggests potential solution you should do to fix it. Think UX Hack as a platform who enhances the thinking power of your product and marketing teams with more eyes and brains.

We are strong believers of crowdsourcing if done in a controlled manner.
Considering, we want our community to not only identify the problem but also give solution, we vet all recommendations before marking it as approved for your evaluation.

You can start right from the form above and get going or click here.

To be honest, we know in a crowdsourcing platform, this is a key ask and hence we have listed this in FAQ :).
We want to remove bias if any when you evaluate a solution. Hence, only when you accept a solution is when we show the profile of the contributor.

We believe hacks provides a competitive advantage in short-term. Thus, the hacks received will only be visible to you and the contributor who has submitted it.

To start with you can publish 1 request and get 3 improvements for free! And then we will reach out to you with subscription packages.