Test and reward your user thinking skills

UX Hack is a crowdsourcing platform that helps you hone and test your user skills (Product Management, Digital Marketing, Content, UI, UX) by providing you an opportunity to solve variety of digital problems faced by companies

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A platform that helps you build a real professional profile in digital skills

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Here, winner does not take it all

Typical crowdsourcing works in contest manner where few entries are chosen and rewarded.

Not anymore, here we provide a point grading system which helps you accrue points for submission, approval and accepted inputs.

That is for participation you will get 1 point, once it's approved by us, we credit few more and if it gets accepted by the company, you get some more.

This is awesome!

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Unbiased platform - no bidding or rate wars

UX Hack provides a level playing field.
The inputs are evaluated by companies in anonymous manner. Only once they like the input is when they get to see the contributor's profile.

No monotonous problems

Solve variety of problems about different industry,
of different channels (Website, Landing Page, Apps, Paid Ads etc.),
for different objectives like User Conversion, Engagement or Retention

Boost profile, gain trust & win relationships!

As you start solving problems and contribute to knowledge hub, your profile gets boosted on search engines.
Also if company is looking to get your inputs implemented, you can offer your services without any commission to us!

Earn rewards as well!

Redeem your earned points to get discounts/vouchers from our partners or transfer it to your wallet/bank accounts.

  • Amazon Egift Cards
  • Transfer points to your PayPal Account

It's an interesting platform to test and hone the digital marketing and product skills.

SarthakSarthak Parnami

Being a techie, I do not get much opportunity to explore my user skills. I got few of my solutions accepted and thus has given me lot of confidence.

AbhishekAbhishek Tejpaul

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