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Active UX Crowdsourcing Campaigns

Advensure Others

  • How to convert website visitors into users/leads

Matchmytalent Media & Content

  • Need hacks to let users perform a specific goal

Proactive recommendations

Rentomojo Others

  • Hacks to improve Rentomojo's Website/Web App for more Engagement

UX Hack Internet

  • Hacks to improve Uxhack's Website/Web App for more Engagement

Thebetterindia Others

  • Hacks to improve Thebetterindia's Website/Web App for more Engagement

Gaana Others

  • Hacks to improve Gaana's Website/Web App for more Engagement

Yourstory Media & Content

  • Hacks to improve Yourstory's Website/Web App for more Engagement

Recently concluded requests

Belong SaaS

  • How to make the UI/UX better for the website (especially mobile)

Healersathome Others

Quovantis Others

  • What to know when user visit the website. Which button they click or where they attract the most.

Finly Others

  • How to convert website visitors into users/leads

Istyleyou E-Commerce

  • Need hacks to let users perform a specific goal

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UX Hack is an invite based community. In case you already have an invite code, you can go ahead and sign in using LinkedIn here.
Otherwise, you can apply using this link. Or another option is to check in your existing network who already has access. They can invite you and then you will be automatically become a contributor.

From UX Hack’s perspective, having a prior experience in any capacity is good to have but not mandatory.
If you are someone who has a creative bent of mind and can look everything from a user perspective, we believe you can use this platform to test your skills..

Once you login, you will see products and their requests against which they are actively seeking hacks.
You will need to explore the products and if you are able to identify any hacks, you can submit it from your dashboard.

UX Hack's focus is to get contributors to provide actual solutions and not high level best practices.
Hence, in order to ensure, your Hack can be qualified, our experts will evaluate its overall value to the product and accordingly will either approve or ask you for further modification.

If your hack is published and is approved by us, the requester will be able to see the hack on their dashboard.
From UX Hack perspective, your hack is valid. However the acceptance of the same is finally with the company.
However, if it is accepted, there is a provision for requester to click on accept link. Once done, the same will also reflect on your profile.

As your contributions are approved, UX Hack will reward points based on UX Hack points system at each stage - submission, approval and acceptance by company.

Once you reach a minimum threshold, you can use your points to get different type of vouchers for e.g: Amazon. Also, you will get a dedicated profile link indexable by search engines that you can use to attract potential employers.