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Amazon Brings In Single Page Payment Flow
Akshay Kanade, Co-Founder at UX Hack | 16 Aug 2018
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I noticed Amazon modifying its payment flow. Previously the flow needed the user to navigate through two pages after clicking ‘Buy now’

But now, if your address is preselected Amazon shows a slider on the same page where only C... Read more

Linkedin: Maximum Limit For Images In A Post
Akshay Kanade, Co-Founder at UX Hack | 20 Jul 2018
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Linkedin has a limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded in a post. However, this limit is neither shown externally not documented (or searchable via Google). 

The user only comes to know when more images than the limit are ... Read more

Wmg: Easy Shortlist Option Missing
Abha Pandey, Human Computer Interaction-UX Designer | Toastmaster | Product Manager | 14 Jun 2018
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I recently completed the UX study of WMG (WedMeGood) mobile app, and a recurring missing interactive functionality is the ability to quickly shortlist or remove from shortlist, any item on the site.

The purpose of the app is to collect th... Read more

Yatra: Recent Search Feature Placement
Nishith Gupta, Founder, UX Hack (uxhack.co) | 07 Jun 2018
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Yatra has a 'recent search' feature which gets populated when you start searching for options.

This feature is a good utility, as typically most users do not complete their transaction in just a single search. However, I feel the placemen... Read more

Swiggy Pop: A Meal In A Pop
Akshay Kanade, Co-Founder at UX Hack | 10 May 2018
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Swiggy recently introduced a short time based, free food delivery offering in some cities.

What I really liked:

- one of the few flows where the entire transaction is completed on the ‘same page’. There are literally no forward flow... Read more

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