Adobe XD Prototype

| 07 Jan 2019

Adobe XD is an amazing tool for Design and Prototype. I will share My experience of XD Prototype. As designers we create numerous art boards for each project. But while Prototyping major effort is being disappeared.

I was creating a mobile wireframe later created a prototype by linking numerous art boards (15+ art boards). Then i created a public link to share the prototype. Surprisingly all i could notice was only 4 art boards are being linked out of numerous art boards. Then i got back to the design to verify by started counting the art boards manually and it has 23 art boards. All the art boards are linked correctly (blue line shows it all). It took sometime to verify which are all the art boards are not linked. Found few missing art boards and fixed it. After updating the link i could see is 22 art boards but 1 art board(screen) is missing. Then got back to design more than 10 times to verify which Art board that is by counting the screens manually. It took 1 Hr of 2 designers to figure our which the art board and fixed it.


Time and effort is being put to create every screen but it is very frustrating when unable to see "How many screens are linked before creating Prototype link". One has to do it manually. Also Designer cannot share 1 less screen in the flow.


1) Number of linked Art boards can shown while Prototyping.

2) By randomly selecting the art boards should show the number selected art boards as well.

3) Defining the "Number of incoming links" and "Number of outgoing links"  of screen count would help to place appropriate screen and fix it. Rather manually cross checking with all screens various times. 

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