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Amazon in Hindi

It was refreshing to see an Amazon page offering a Hindi Beta version today. The translations were pretty decent but what I liked more is the nudge to try it out. Unlike Google’s option where you might miss it, this one is unmissable. I think it shows the level of confidence Amazon has even ...

Doing push notifications the right way

A featured snippet by Sonika Chhonkar, Associate Lead, UI/UX at TO THE NEW:

Many of your phones are getting bombarded with notifications. While making a move of clearing all notifications in my phone, got my eyes on one of the top fashion clothing brand #myntra app notification by saying; Why Stop just Shop, We ...

Address change notification on Uber Eats

This happened when I wanted to order food immediately on Uber Eats. I was in a hurry to complete my food ordering task. I just opened the app and there is Uber Eats notifying me through a tooltip to change my delivery address sensing that my current location is not the same. This also provides ...

Canva - The Design Tool for non-Designers

Featured product review from Sugandha, PM at Electronic Arts (EA).

My favorite Product? Canva!

What do they do? They make it super easy for non-designers to design beautiful art assets of all kinds.

What value does it add?

1. We as a generation are more Design-centric in our approach to technology than ever before, and ...

Deep personalization by Amazon for its prime customers

I am a Amazon Prime customer but surprisingly never received this mail. This is a featured snippet from Lokesh Gupta (Director of Product Management, CarDekho). It caught my eye as this tells how deep is Amazon's targeting -

How much do you love your customers?

How much do you know about your customers?

What can ...

Uber Spotlight: A simpler way to Spot your ride

Featured Snippet is submitted on behalf of Karthik Srinivasan, Communications Consultant, ex-Ogilvy, Flipkart -

Uber has now introduced the Spotlight feature in India. You tap on the color button at the side of the app to let your app's full interface glow in one color. That color will glow in the driver's app too ...

Using Natural App icons to drive Downloads

This is a Snippet submitted on behalf of famous author and Game2Win Founder, Alok Kejriwal:

When we launched "Friends Forever" (Our 1st narrative Story Game on the Google Play Store: ), we used a generic 'good looking' icon for the game. The game had a good response & we kept updating the ...

Good UX by Gmail: Reminder for access rights to a shared drive link

Most of the collaboration happens online these days be it on Google Drive, Dropbox or others. And probably link sharing over email is one of the most commonly used feature. However, I have often had not such a good experiences where someone has shared a document link hosted on an online storage platform but when ...

Amazon brings in Single page payment flow

I noticed Amazon modifying its payment flow. Previously the flow needed the user to navigate through two pages after clicking ‘Buy now’

But now, if your address is preselected Amazon shows a slider on the same page where only CVV needs to be added. Post this it shows an option to ‘Slide to Place order ...

Swiggy Pop: A Meal in a Pop

Swiggy recently introduced a short time based, free food delivery offering in some cities.

What I really liked:

- one of the few flows where the entire transaction is completed on the ‘same page’. There are literally no forward flows: choose, click, slide, done

- Excellent use of defaults: If you have your address setup, and payment ...