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Associate Product Manager / Product Manager - Landmark group

What you will do:

- Be responsible for building and executing on new initiatives and roadmaps

- ??Understand the market, customers and build business cases for new product opportunities

- ??Manage product lifecycle from ideation to launch and beyond

- ??Use data, creativity, and experimentation to constantly improve the product experience

- Work with designers, engineers, marketing and partnerships to deliver products

You should apply if:?

- You have experience of 3+ years working on building products or problem solving(Analytics background is a plus!)

- You are comfortable with ambiguity, believe in first principles and have the skill to transform broad ideas into action plans

- You have empathy towards users and colleagues, are creative and excited by ideating/building

- You have business acumen to appreciate and understand levers for business growth and profitability

- ?You seek high ownership, independent environments and feedback oriented cultures

- ??You understand and subscribe to agile methodology

- ??You understand basics of sprint planning with Jira

- ?Understanding of Hybris is a plus but not mandatory

??Previous experience in e-commerce is a plus but not mandatory

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