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1. Scogo Introduction - 

- What we do: We intend to 'Uberize' the IT field services (Site Surveys, Installations, 24x7 support, decommissioning)

- Who we are: We are a technology company that intends to solve the above mentioned usecase leveraging latest technology

2. Job designation, responsibilities and expectations - UI designer who can re-build our current interface into a sleeker and enterprise-grade version. We expect the candidate to go through our current platform's UI, understand the use cases through discussions with our team and redo the screens. 

Note: No scripting / coding required

3. Type (Project or Job): Project

4. Compensation for the project: Rs. 40K for the project

5. Duration: Till project completion, approx 1-2 months engagement

6. Location: Mumbai

7. Additional project details (verbatim from the company):

'- The project includes UI Screens development for both Mobile and Web Application.

 - Would prefer someone who could deliver this on priority (could allocate a decent amount of hrs per day)

For your reference Here is the textual description for the mobile app UI requirements. We will update finer requirements for web application too.'

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