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Example of inputs which others have received

  • The value proposition and your headline doesn't speak the same thing. I would have focused on 'Quality x','Quality Y' in the headline.

  • Have the benefit as your CTA button text. 'Start improving' could be one option.

  • Your current welcome email could be improved with giveaway to your upcoming webinar.
  • The landing page UI color scheme seems too colorful for the kind of product it is. You should look at dual color tone of say white and blue that enables trust.

  • Try increasing the font by 4px on mobile displays. Also try Lato family for crisper display as it is easy to read

  • Your layout can be improved for user navigation. Use masonary grid for your blog list.
  • Introduce a dynamic keyword filter which can act as a self-help

  • I would have given an option of sharing to the team as soon as user complete step A.

  • Give an example to help user see the feature value.
  • It took me 3 clicks. The last step seems redundant. I would have merged the last two options in a single view.

  • I would have automatically get a screenshot captured and mailed to customer. The additional step taken by user can be automated.

  • Allow user to save filters for future searches.

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We believe outcome of execution gets hampered when the quality of suggestion is evaluated in prejudiced way (mainly seniority)

Though experience is valued but digital is a dynamic field. The quality and creative inputs can come from anyone, it's just about hearing them in an unbiased manner.

Thus, the profile of contributor is only shown once you accept the input. Though, you can have conversation on each input to get more clarification if needed.

UX Hack has helped us in thinking out of the box, in order to find more suitable solutions for our specific needs.

CleanupsMarco Smith - Founder, Cleanups

UX Hack is a boon for startups. I was able to get relevant feedback and inputs beyond what a normal user would have given me. Helped me improve my value proposition for Circuit Tree in a short time.

Circuit TreeMakarand Kapoor - Founder, Circuit-Tree

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