Looking for something beyond just conventional banking? Barclays shows the way through its Cloud It feature

What's interesting about it?

Banking apps are now much more than just banking. Barclays launched Cloud It feature that allows user to electronically store all their documents and access them online. This free feature lets you tag all the documents as per their categories making it easier to find and use later.It also enables the customers to add up to 5 alerts for each file, that are sent by SMS or email, so as to ensure that no insurance deadline or mortgage payments are missed. This app allows you to see all your past transactions, store your account statements and send regular updates.Not just that, now users can get hotel rental information while on travel, get reminded of lease and license expiry date of their car, set up alerts for life insurance payments and track invoices and contracts for your own business. In all, this is an app that takes care of all the customer needs, stretching much beyond the scope of an ordinary banking application.


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