Searching for ways to monetize your banking app? USAA has the right answers

What's interesting about it?

Despite the growth in online banking, most apps have failed to monetize effectively on its wide customer reach. Financial institutions now actively look to migrate costly transactions from branch or call center to self-service mode. It is believed that part of the reason for lack sales integration is related to the challenge of selling within a limited space and at the same time not being too intrusive or disturbing to the consumer.
USAA has a ribbon on top of its application where it shows paid advertisements like car lease, insurance etc which are relevant but often overlooked requirements for its customer base. Integrating sales messages in an unobtrusive manner with its mobile app helps USAA to have higher signups for its products. Be it car insurance, home mortgages or credit card rates, USAA mobile applications have successfully leveraged its UI and existing customer base to earn revenues through paid advertisements.


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