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  • Need campaign ideas to grow traffic to our landing page

    HireSolve SaaS

We have a landing page which we are using to get traffic on from where it gets converted. Our conversion rate is quite reasonable so now I am looking for some interesting organic campaign ideas which you think I can do for increasing traffic. Landing Page Awareness/Reach

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  • Need hacks to improve Conversion Rate

    FleAffair E-commerce

We are looking for hacks to improve the CRO for the Apparel Section. Saree: https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/sarees.htmlLehenga: https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/lehengas.htmlSuits : https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/suits.htmlto begin with Web App Acquisition/Conversion

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  • Need interesting ideas so that more visitors are encouraged to sign up as lead

    QarmaBot Human Resources

We are working on beefing up our website. What you think we can improvise and how so that more people are encouraged to sign up? Website Acquisition/Conversion

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Use of blogs for online polls by Hackernoon

on in Media & Content
Use of blogs for online polls by Hackernoon

What's interesting about it?

Use of quick online polls is an interesting feedback technique which is prevalent among digital audiences. However more often than not, the placement of polls section is what can drastically reduce the number of submissions. Came across on Hackernoon, an inline poll element as part of a long form content . Interesting way to get attention ...


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