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  • How can we encourage users to sign up?

    CleanUps Home & Garden

Our website is built around a checkout process which generally follows through all the pages, so at the moment our highest concern would be to increase user signups once a visitor reaches our website. Web App Acquisition/Conversion

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  • Need hacks to improve Conversion Rate

    FleAffair E-commerce

We are looking for hacks to improve the CRO for the Apparel Section. Saree: https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/sarees.htmlLehenga: https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/lehengas.htmlSuits : https://www.fleaffair.com/apparels/suits.htmlto begin with Web App Acquisition/Conversion

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  • Need interesting ideas so that more visitors are encouraged to sign up as lead

    QarmaBot Human Resources

We are working on beefing up our website. What you think we can improvise and how so that more people are encouraged to sign up? Website Acquisition/Conversion

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  • Need hack to increase traffic and user adoption

    SoundVent Social Networks

We have google analytics installed and are not generating very much traffic. Currently we have no marketing programs set in place. What marketing programs or hacks can we do to get increased traffic and user base? Website Awareness/Reach

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  • Need improvement ideas for our website to help increase user acquisition

    TelecomBazaar Others

I have rolled out my telecom marketplace in beta. So, want to get ideas on what should the site focus on so that as a visitor lands on our website, and they get started. Check the additional url for our value proposition Web App Acquisition/Conversion

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Use of blogs for online polls by Hackernoon

What's interesting about it?

Use of quick online polls is an interesting feedback technique which is prevalent among digital audiences. However more often than not, the placement of polls section is what can drastically reduce the number of submissions. Came across on Hackernoon, an inline poll element as part of a long form content . Interesting way to get attention ...


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