Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are a fun, quick way to sharpen your product and design skills. 

Each week we’ll host a new challenge, based on a product or topic of interest.

And you need to hack out a quick solution. 

By quick, we mean real quick: you’ll need just a couple of hours to work out the solution, though you will have 3-4 days.

The point here is not to do a deep dive into the product, but to work, within the constraints of time and come up with practical and effective solutions (For the deep work we have something we call Learning Hackathons, know more about them here)

Throughout a challenge, we’ll be connected over a discussion forum where you can get your doubts and queries answered and also share common knowledge with peers.

The best part: every week, at the end of each challenge, we’ll have a discussion with everyone who’s participated and share the key product insights and learnings.

And just to motivate the winners, we have giveaways in the form of vouchers and books.

Ofcourse, you will also accumulate UXPs and build up your profile on UXHack’s Leaderboard as you participate.

So, while the essence is to learn and hone our skills, the point is to have some fun while solving problems.

Game on?

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