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Content tweaks

Example of inputs which others have received

The value proposition and your headline doesn't speak the same thing. I would have focused on 'Quality x','Quality Y' in the headline.

Have the benefit as your CTA button text. 'Start improving' could be one option.

Your current welcome email could be improved with giveaway to your upcoming webinar.

UI Tweaks

Example of inputs which others have received

The landing page UI color scheme seems too colorful for the kind of product it is. You should look at dual color tone of say white and blue that enables trust.

Try increasing the font by 4px on mobile displays. Also try Lato family for crisper display as it is easy to read

Your layout can be improved for user navigation. Use masonary grid for your blog list.

Feature Tweaks

Example of inputs which others have received

Introduce a dynamic keyword filter which can act as a self-help

I would have given an option of sharing to the team as soon as user complete step A.

Give an example to help user see the feature value.

Productivity Tweaks

Example of inputs which others have received

It took me 3 clicks. The last step seems redundant. I would have merged the last two options in a single view.

I would have automatically get a screenshot captured and mailed to customer. The additional step taken by user can be automated.

Allow user to save filters for future searches.

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I am amazed how well written the improvements were. I have already forwarded the doc to my front end developers. I can share your website on our coworking group and encourage others to submit their websites too.


New Initiatives - ProductBelong

I received a hack on my request on the website - had 3 feedback points. I went through it and showed it to the guy who designed our website who explained to me how he went about building the website and more importantly agreed on all 3 feedback points - said he would explore the website on his own as well.
Really found value in the website - so thank you! If I can help in anyway please let me know :)



All feedbacks were useful. What a great community it is!

Niti Singhal

Founder, Twee-in-One

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a part of the event. It was definitely very helpful, and getting different views from people from the industry works as a motivation to improve. Some people actually made an effort to send me complete presentations with perfect clarity about how to solve my problems. It indeed is a great initiative by UX Hack, to help start ups like us.

Abhay Negi

Founder, Wedamor

The solutions and suggestions we have received from the participants regarding the structure and Menu flow of our blog were handy and we would consider implementing them soon. All in all, we are satisfied with the hacks.

Marco Smith

Founder, Cleanups

UX Hack has helped us in thinking out of the box, in order to find more suitable solutions for our specific needs.