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  • Use your design chops to improve real world products
  • Submit your design here or post it on Insta or X
  • Win prizes worth Rs 5K every weekend
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Starts 8th Dec, 10PM IST Participate
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  • Microsoft Teams
Micrososft Teams is used by organisations for video calls with both internal & external stakeholders. The screen depicted is shown to a user who is trying to join an internal call, via a browser.

Improve this screen so as to reduce cognitive load for the user, who most likely is not a regular Teams user. The goal should be to simplify the design, improve prioritisation of elements, while ensuring existing functionality is retained.

Note: Your output should be only one screen. You need to design a screen for desktop.
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  • Whatsapp
Whatsapp recently launched a new feature called Channels, allowing people to privately share updates

Improve this screen to help better content discovery within channels, new channel discovery, and overall engagement of this feature.

Note: You need to make design changes only for this screen.
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  • Disney+Hotstar
Maxview is a new vertical video format introduced by Disney+Hotstar for the Cricket World Cup 2023.

Improve this screen to drive better monetisation (for companies via ads) and engagement (for users), for Live events

Note: No changes can be made to the actual video content or video aspect ratio (9:14)

Disney+ Hotstar introduces ‘MaxView’ vertical video streaming for men’s cricket world cup 2023
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  • Participation in the event is completely free.

  • It opens on Friday 10 PM and closes on Monday 10 AM (IST).

  • Yes it is open to all.

  • This is an individual event.

  • You can register and submit it on the site or share it on Insta or X tagging our handles.

  • The submission should be an image (png or jpeg). This can be exported from a design tool (such as Figma, Adobe XD etc) or any tool that you are comfortable using. However, please do not post hand-sketches or only wireframes, as the evaluation is on the quality of design output.
    Note: Please do NOT add any annotations, explanation notes to the design. The output should be pure design.

    • These are design focussed challenges. So the evaluation is based on the quality of the design output. Given time constraints, we realise that putting out pixel perfect designs may not be possible. Hence, more weightage will be given to clear communication of the improvements (in terms of design) and an acceptable design quality. Wireframes and hand sketches are discouraged.
    • Also, we expect basic design hygiene to be followed: alignment, font and color consistency et al
    • Depending on the challenge context, you may choose to use/change the products design guidelines. We leave this discretion to you.
    • We are NOT looking for ‘glitz designs’, if you get what we mean! Functional, quality output is what is needed
  • We will select a winner and a runner-up for each challenge.

    • Winner: Eldorado (worth Rs 2500) + Amazon voucher (Rs 500)
    • Runner-up: Eldorado (worth Rs 1999) + Amazon voucher (Rs 250)

    Learn more: Eldorado

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