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UXHack’s repository of Solutions & Disucssions on trending products can help you crack Case Studies, Interviews for Product & Design roles while also helping you gain knowledge on Real World product problems

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  • 💯150+ solutions from all past challenges
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  • Access to ~100+ solutions from future challenges
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No, solutions can only be viewed on UXHack either by buying a plan or opting for a free trial.

Learner & Learner+ Plans

You can view unlimited number of solutions. Our repository contains more than 100+ solutions from 10+ challenges at present. We will keep adding to this as we conduct more challenges, Hackathons and events.

Here’s an example of how many new solutions you can expect:

  • - We expect to conduct atleast 1 Learning Hackathon per month i.e. atleast
3 challenges/month
  • - Each challenge generally has 3-4 moderated and quality solutions (at times there can be more)
  • - This means there will be

12 quality solutions available every month, atleast, from Learning Hackathons

  • - Plus we will also conduct weekly challenges and solutions from these will also be made available.
  • - Finally all solutions from our public hiring Hackathon events will be made available to you.

As a very rough calculation: you can expect to get atleast
150+ new solution in addition to our existing repository of solutions.

No, we do not provide refunds once a plan is purchased.
We advise you to take the 7 day free trial incase you are unsure, before purchasing.
Incase you still have some doubts prior to purchase you can always reach out to us via Whatsapp, call or mail.

Yes, you may choose to upgrade at any point of time.
Any additional amount will need to be paid while upgrading.

Downgrades are not available at this time.

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CV Review

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Get actionable feedback and areas of improvement for your CV, that will help you convert more applications into interviews

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Starting Rs 299


Portfolio Review

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Just completed your portoflio and want feedback on how to make it stellar? Or want help on how to start? We have you covered

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Mock Interview

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The perfect way to build confidence for your interviews for Product & Design roles. Schedule on-demand

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