Context: Adapting a viral feature to your app and audience

Twitter has launched a new ephemeral way to share thoughts, called Fleets. 

The feature, which is very similar to Instagram Stories, lets users share updates that last only 24hrs.

While the feature may seem a clone of IG Stories and Snapchat Stories, the audience on Twitter is vastly different: if not in profile, most certainly in the type of content shared. A quick look at what Twitter fans think about its launch, gives an indication.

So, while adopting the feature is simple and Twitter has aced the user experience of it, adapting it is not a simple task.

In this challenge, you need to do exactly this, adapt the Fleets feature in such a way that it fits in well with the audience at Twitter and becomes an important part of what Twitter represents in future.

We are looking for the top 3 improvements that can help make Fleets a much stronger proposition for Twitter’s audience rather than being just a clone.

Important to note, since launch, IG Stories has introduced a number of additional features, that leveraged the basic construct of ephemeral updates. While it may be tempting to suggest exactly those, we are looking for something unique and more contextual to Twitter.

The changes can be in the feature set (product) and/or design. However, sharing mocks/wireframes is not essential.

Also, this is not a usability improvement challenge: so we aren’t looking for fixes. What we are looking for are major improvements or enhancements in the product itself.


  • It is recommended that you use the feature yourself. You may tag @uxhack_co incase you want to check interactivity and flows
  • It is also highly recommended to do primary research with regular/power Twitter users

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