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What users have to say

Rajath TS UX Researcher at Disney+Hotstar
Thanks to UXHack, I improved my skills in decoding complex problem statements and developing effective approaches to tackle them. I highly recommend UXHack to anyone seeking to enhance their UX skills and excel in their career.

The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

Vaisnavi Giridharan User Research Intern at UserStudy
It was quite helpful for a newbie who just entered the field of User experience, to showcase their newly learnt skills, as well as to gain new practical exposure. Quite helpful to climb up the growth ladder.

The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

Vivek Kumar M.Des at IIT Hyderabad
A great way to see how design thinking works. The best part is you can see other's responses which gives a window to look at literally all possible ways a problem could be solved.

The rating of this product is 4 out of 5


No, solutions can only be viewed on UXHack either by buying a plan or opting for a free trial.

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You can view unlimited number of solutions. Our repository contains more than 500+ solutions from 50+ challenges at present. We will keep adding to this as we conduct more challenges, Hackathons and events.

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You can view one solution each from 50+ challenges at present.

No, we do not provide refunds once a plan is purchased.
We advise you to take the 7 day free trial incase you are unsure, before purchasing.
Incase you still have some doubts prior to purchase you can always reach out to us via Whatsapp, call or mail.

Yes, you may choose to upgrade at any point of time.
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Downgrades are not available at this time.

Terms & Conditions
- UXHack reserves the right to change/update prices without prior notice, except to paid subscribers
- UXHack reserves the right to add, remove or modify benefits provided under each plan without prior notice except to paid subscribers
- The solutions made available under the above plans are as per the discretion of UXHack & may be modified, removed, added to, from time to time
- ‘All solutions’ here stands for all moderated & approved solutions by UXHack for public challenges only, held on the UXHack platform
- The content provided is only for consumption on the UXHack website
- UXHack and its creators jointly own rights to the solutions. Subscribers only get rights of viewing the content, based on the plan benefits and duration. UXHack plans to provide a payout for creators based on their solution performance
- Subscribers have no rights to the content post the validity period
- None of the content may be downloaded, shared, distributed without UXHack’s prior permission
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- Sharing of plans is not allowed
- UXHack reserves the right to cancel a subscription, without prior notice & without refunds, incase it is found that a plan is being shared amongst multiple individuals
- ‘Future Challenges’ here means public events conducted by UXHack on its platform. UXHack reserves the right to decide which events constitute ‘public events’ on its platform and if need be to change an event status in this regard
- UXHack is committed to conduct challenges as per its event calendar. Incase UXHack is unable to meet its minimum solutions criteria, for whatever reason, it shall refund the amounts charged, on a pro-rata basis
- The brands who are considered in 'public challenges' do not have any role to play in these challenges. This is solely an initiative by UXHack to improve these products as part of skills showcase and learning objectives of our users. All such brand logos or any other media shown belongs to respective brands and are not owned by UXHack
- The discounts offered on Learner (10%) & Learner+ (25%) cannot be combined with any other offers on bundles or any ongoing discounts & promotions Eg. Monthly pass

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