Context: Visually Enhance Payment Experience

BHIM Problem Statement

UPI based payments have literally exploded over the past couple of years. 

3rd Party apps like PhonePe, GPay have pretty much captured the market for UPI based payments, with significant gains in volumes and transactions. 

However, one player that has seen a decrease in market share is BHIM. While some of this is attributable to lack of discounts and merchant push, visually and UX wise, BHIM does feel like a step back when compared to the likes of PhonePe, GPay, Paytm and several other neobank apps. This is despite the app having no ‘functional issues’ and being rather easy to use

So, in this challenge, you need to enhance the overall look and feel of the BHIM app: the focus should be on the screens that form the payment flows, as this is the use case that matters the most to users. 

You may choose to also visually enhance other aspects of the app (eg, homescreen, contacts, add beneficiary), time permitting.

Expected output

Design file in Figma, Adobe XD etc. and a supporting documents (pdf) explaining the changes and improvements you have made. 


Primary user research, especially amongst users who DO NOT presently use BHIM, to understand why so.

Evaluation parameters:

Design Sense, Research, Analytical Ability, Communication Skills

Resources: BHIM app | iOS | Android

Join the discussion: Event forum page

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Ayush Raj
UI UX Designer, TEDxDTU
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UX Designer, Deloitte Digital
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UI UX Designer, Comet Lab
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Product Designer, Innovaccer
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Product Designer, Border free tech
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UX Designer, wTVision

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