🌟What’s New in Season 3

Aaaand we are back with Weekly Challenges, Season 3 🕺🏻
Must say, we have missed them! But we think the break was worth it, especially for the things that we have lined up for you in Season 3

Here’s all that’s new:

🏆 Weekly Leaderboard: Winning a challenge is nice, but how about fighting to win an entire Season? Sounds good? We give you: Weekly Leaderboard. Basically a sum of scores across all challenges by all participants, in Season 3. For starters, we are keeping it simple. But if things pick up, lots of exciting elements to add to this later. Goes without saying, the winner gets some awesome prizes and obviously some bragging rights. Also, did someone say Gamification 😃?

🎟 Monthly Pass: You can now get an all access pass to everything Weeklys have to offer, in one go. You get all the benefits of Zen mode: detailed scorecard, recordings, solutions and all the nice stuff, in one shot. But the best part is, all of this at an awesome 50% off 😎. If you are a regular, there can be no better deal than this.

🔖 Certificates: We hear certificates are the ‘in thing’, especially for people trying to upskill during these odd, odd times. So, now can you get a nicely made ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ whenever you score 7 and above, in any challenge. Available in Zen and Challenger modes.

🤟🏻Reactions: We always love feedback from participants on the challenges we put out. Now there is a simpler way to let us know what you thought about a challenge through reactions. From 🤩 to 🤔 to 😒, we are genuinely curious to see how you er… react. Much more to come here.

🌟Star Challenges: Finally, who doesn’t like a surprise? We most definitely do. And Star Challenges are exactly that: Simply put, during the course of the season we will have a ‘Star’ who will host the challenge, evaluate solutions, lead the discussions and maybe even give you feedback. Who is this Star? What does she/he do? And when is the Star Challenge/s? So many questions… As we said, we do like surprises. Stay tuned 🤓

📦 More to come: As always, there are lots of things we would like to add to Weekly, but good things take time. Also, we would love to hear from you if there is something you would like to see in Seasons to come. Let us know here: Feedback

Here’s to another Season of Weekly Challenges 🥂

‘Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.’
- Vincent Van Gogh