🏆 Leaderboard Season 3

#NamePSAvg. ScoreTotal Score
🥇Profile photoVamsi1098.282.2
🥈Profile photoPooja987.968.4
🥉Profile photoMeet968.355.5
4Profile photoDeepan1086.957.5
5Profile photoHimanshu768.255.1
6Profile photoNupur1058.345.4
7Profile photoAkash747.634.5
8Profile photoRajath338.025.9
9Profile photoAnush737.020.9
10Profile photoHariteja427.817.5
11Profile photoVishal218.310.3
12Profile photoOsaro118.010.0
12Profile photoJishnu118.010.0
13Profile photoNikhil218.39.3
14Profile photoAbhinav218.29.2
15Profile photoMegan117.98.9
16Profile photoAnkur517.58.5
17Profile photoAgilan117.38.3
17Profile photoShahid517.38.3
18Profile photoAmirhossein117.28.2
19Profile photobansal.konica117.08.0
19Profile photourvashi.singh1117.08.0
20Profile photoShruti116.97.9
20Profile photoAvinash217.97.9
21Profile photoSonal216.77.7
22Profile photoSwarnima417.67.6
23Profile photobangasrishty22317.57.5
23Profile photoikshitareddy416.57.5
24Profile photoRaunak216.47.4
24Profile photoAkash317.47.4
25Profile photoSandhya317.37.3
26Profile photoneha.balek117.17.1
26Profile photoPrajakta217.17.1
26Profile photoVikas217.17.1
27Profile photoAshita216.96.9
27Profile photoKrupali816.96.9
28Profile photoShubhamsingla807116.56.5
29Profile photoVedant216.16.1
30Profile photoNamita615.95.9
🏆 Leaderboard Rules

- The ranking on the leaderboard is done as a simple summation of points scored across Weekly Challenges
- For any score 8 and above, you get a Bonus Point
- For submission to each star challenge, you get a Bonus Point
- Incase of a tie, the winner will be the one with more wins. Incase the number of wins is also same, then the one with higher average score will win
- Eligibility conditions for overall winner: must have an aggregate score above 25 & must have atleast 1 win or runner up finish
- Eligibility conditions for 2nd & 3rd prizes: must have an aggregate score above 20 & must have atleast 1 win or runner up finish

🎁 Prizes

🥇 Mi Fitness Band + UXH Goodie Bag + Eldorado Learner+ Plan 1yr Subscription
🥈 OnePlus Wireless Bullets Z + UXH Goodie Bag + Eldorado Learner Plan 6month Subscription
🥉 Boat Wired in-ear buds + UXH Goodie Bag + Eldorado Learner Plan 6month Subscription