Play Quiz TGIF #23: A Fun Quiz on Product & Design

- Product Management at Absolute Foods is total Customer Obsession. Hence Product Manager at Absolute Foods is responsible for answering the question of what technology is to be built that will delight customers and sellers. This is done through interfacing with the sales, operations, and customer teams as well as through user research. Product Manager at Absolute Foods is in a great position to define how next generation agriculture market in India will look like. Their work also shapes the future of supply chain, retail, finance, payments, etc.

- Product Managers are at the helm of all crucial information be it customer insights or business intelligence. They bend and wield this high-profile career position with proven leadership skills to provide market knowledge and consumer understanding to reflect and resolve with that wisdom, analysis and resourcefulness. Product Managers take our new product features, ward us off if needed, think up a roadmap to support our goals and strategies, and sync together with other platform teams on cross-functional initiatives.

- At Absolute Foods, high focus on Impact and Ownership allows for freedom to each to experiment and innovate. The pride is when you see the impact of what you have created. The ability to see what your contribution does to the business is a rare experience, add to that the fact that the impact of it is felt by your friends and family in India - the experience is extremely gratifying.

Your Part:

- Own the strategy and roadmap for a key product/business area.

- Manage all aspects of a successful software or technology product throughout its lifecycle, including product strategy development, customer insights/needs, and requirements definition

- Partner with the other business leaders to define and drive substantial parts of the customer & seller experience.

- Defines the product acceptance testing criteria, ensures that they are met; plan for and ensures that product (and features) are appropriately used by operations and BD team; Promptly resolves issues faced during operationalization by working with different stakeholders

- Act as a trusted adviser, coach or a guide.

Your Array (Nice to Haves):

- Your acumen to guide our goals through roadmaps and define new product features and strategies. 

- The benign nature with which you gel with other platform teams when you are working on cross-functional initiatives, to drive and implement the product idea you defined and see them to their ultimate delivery.

- The spirit of flying high above the chaotic, fast moving environment because high personal productivity is your nirvana.

- Your brilliance in communication for it is your crafted rhymes which will open the window of opportunities for our business.

- Strong data-driven analytical skills and be able to operate and thrive with partial information and ambiguity and have a track record of building successful teams

You (Must Haves):

- Understanding of customers & sellers needs, and aspirations deeply and you are a customer champion

- Possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

- Ability to understand and talk technology; Passionate about technology pro activeness in developing understanding of various applications of technology; have used technology to solve business problems;

- Knowledge in developing elegant and simple feature functionalities which delivers worldclass user experience.

- A deep understanding of consumer and seller behaviour, which will support product delivery from concept to implementation.

- Above 2 years of experience, demonstrating management of tasks, resolution of problems and issues and experience in implementing action plans to meet objectives. Equally comfortable in generating a 1-year strategic vision and a weekly status update.

- A track record of BE/ BTech in Computer Science or an equivalent acknowledgement of your academic accomplishments.

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