• Chingari: Improving User Onboarding, Sign ups & Retention

Challenge Details

Case Study brief: In this challenge you need to improve the user flow for onboarding and signup for a new viral app
Difficulty: Easy
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Prioritization, Research

TikTok was recently banned in India and this has opened up the market for homegrown players. 

Overnight, short-form video apps have gone viral, with most registering on the Top Charts for both Playstore and the App Store.

As it happens, you are a Product Manager/Designer at one such app: Chingari

While the uptake is heartening, and frankly better than most people’s expectations, you realise that the euphoria around new downloads can last only so long as your product matches your user’s needs.

You’ve noticed through user reviews on stores, as well as social channels,that people seem to be complaining about the ‘Login’, ‘Signup’ and are rating your app poorly.

You have been tasked with fixing these issues and providing your user with a great on-boarding experience.

So, in this challenge, you need to improve the on-boarding experience for your app so as to ensure:

  • People do not delete your app immediately after downloading
  • The overall on-boarding experience is easy to understand for your audience
  • People can login easily
  • Overall engagement increases per user i.e. minutes of consumption increase

You can suggest upto 2 most impactful changes for this challenge (you may list out additional ones too, but only the top two will be considered)

Please note:

  • We recommend use of annotated screens to share improvements/problem areas
  • Also, quick user feedback, should be useful
  • Benchmarking with similar apps is recommended to find best practices

Useful Links:

NEW - Templates. Read more about them here: What’s New,


<The template is only for reference. You are free to use any format of your choice>

India has banned TikTok, WeChat, and other China-based apps | Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/29/21307014/india-ban-tiktok-wechat-china-apps 

The race to become India’s TikTok is on—and everyone’s struggling

Quartz: https://qz.com/india/1875374/the-race-to-become-indias-tiktok-is-on-and-everyones-struggling/ 

Google Material Design: Onboarding

Material Design: https://material.io/design/communication/onboarding.html 

TikTok’s Underappreciated Wins (from a former Yik Yak employee)


TikTok Onboarding & Login Screens:

UI Sources: https://www.uisources.com/explainer/tiktok-onboarding-coachmarks 


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