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Exotel is Asia’s top cloud customer engagement platform. With remote being the new normal, how Enterprises engage with their customers is undergoing a massive transformation. Current solutions are rigid and mostly on premise.  Exotel is changing this by virtualizing the communications stack and providing completely customizable and programmable communication APIs and solutions. And we are only getting started

About the Job

Exotel platforms and products are built on data. The data platform stores and manages the flow of data ensuring secure access to various stakeholders inside and outside the company. As a product manager of the data platform, you will be responsible for the innovation and execution of product roadmaps for this data platform. You will have a pivotal role in enabling internal use cases for our data platforms, as well as external use cases such as customer reports and analytics.

What will you do?

• Work with stakeholders to define the vision of the products you are working on

• Gather feedback about specific needs from internal and external stakeholders to improve our products

• Understand customer/market needs and competitive landscape

• Write detailed product specifications and work closely with engineering across every part of the product life cycle.

• Interface on a regular basis with customer-facing teams, bringing them up to date regarding releases and major changes

What we look for?

• You are a self-starter, proactive, structured, and bring clarity to complex customer problems through effective solutions.

• You have excellent communication skills and can write well

• You have an understanding of Telecommunication carriers and routing technologies

• You’ve led teams to release products in the cloud with successful outcomes

• You are more capability focussed and constantly look towards enhancing the capabilities of the platform owned.

• You have empathy for customers and your colleagues

• You have a keen eye on the technology trends and emerging developments across the competitive landscape

• Experience in Telecom/SaaS and/or high-frequency transaction business is a plus

• You should have a collaborative mindset with an ability to work with cross-functional teams

• A minimum of 3+yrs experience in product management

Why Exotel

Culture and Team

Exotel is powered by a closely knit team coming from varied backgrounds. You will work with enthusiastic folks who are just out of college as well as folks who built things ground up with 20 years of experience. We are driven by some common values. We are not perfect, but we listen and change. We are more diverse than we were and we want to get better in building a great diverse impactful team


Exotel is at a stage where there is a good mix of order and chaos. It gives a great opportunity for driven leaders to work on areas that provide scope for learning as well as create huge impact. We are a mid sized organization that gives ample space for personal and career growth. As a company we currently power 5000 plus businesses and we are constantly growing. We also raised a growth fund recently and merged with Ameyo

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