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Challenge Details

Case Study brief: Graduating offline customers to omnichannel customers
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Communication Skills, Metrics, Problem Solving

Graduating offline customers to omnichannel customers. Landmark has over 2300 outlets and several million customer base on offline formats.

Large part of these customers are loyal to their respective landmark brands / concepts and converting them to omnichannel customers who transact online should reflect in higher conversion rates, retention as well as better customer experience.

As a product led solution to this shift in behavior we have to come up with solutions and answers for

1. What will be triggers to graduate users

2. What will be communication channels for graduating users

3. What will be conversion triggers for nudging users to transact online

4. How will we be able to customize journey for users who are graduating from offline to online

5. How will each of the initiatives / features impact any of the following metrics

a. Traffic

b. Conversion rates

c. Average order value

d. Basket size

e. Revenue

*Not every feature has to impact each of the success metrics

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