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Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer for UXHack. This will be a contract role for 3 months.

Role: Frontend Developer

Output: HTML & CSS code , Javascript/Jquery based interactions and validations

Duration: 3 months

Payout: Rs. 25k-35k per month

Location: Remote

Part-time/Full-time: Part-time

Project starts: Immediately

The work involves converting Figma designs to HTML coded responsive screens. Wherever needed, you will need to use Javascript or Jquery for dynamic visual interactions, input validations and to create AJAX methods to send data to backend

You will be working closely with Nishith, Co-founder UXHack.

We are a complete remote startup and operate asynchronously. Read more about our culture and working style here

We’d like to move fast and close out this hiring within a couple of days.

If you know someone who’d be a good fit, please share this with them.

What we are looking for

- Have atleast 2-3 years of experience in developing real HTML and CSS applications along with Jquery

- Bonus: Have worked with UI components library like Codyhouse

- Comfortable with asynchronous communication

- Someone who understands when to tradeoff between writing highly optimized code and shipping features

- Comfortable working with Task management tools like ClickUp, Jira

Hiring Process

- Apply with your CV along with relevant developer profile links like GitHub & LeetCode

- A 15-20 min telephonic interview for shortlisted folks

- A 30-45 min technical interview over Zoom/Google Meet including a live task based on a Figma screen

Referral Bonus

Terms & Conditions

  1. Referred candidate have to be new to UXHack platform i.e. they joined UXHack after this job post went live
  2. Only existing UXHack members, who were members before this job post went live, are eligible for the referral bonus
  3. The referred person should join and stay with the company for 45 days

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