We are looking for a UX Researcher for a client project. This is a paid gig of around 2 weeks, to conduct primary user research and share findings as a report.

Role: UX Researcher

Duration: around 2 weeks

Commercials: Rs. 15-20k

Location: Remote

Part-time/Full-time: Choice is yours, we are focussed on the output

Project starts: Immediately

The project involves conducting 4-5 interviews with users of a transport/logistics app.

The objective of interviews will be to get insights through conversations with them. The users will be provided by the client.

Based on your understanding of the requirement, you are free to devise your own strategy on how to conduct the interview.

Once all interviews are done, you are expected to document your findings in the form of a report. Those findings should ideally result in some actionable takeaways that the client can then incorporate into their product. You will also need to document and record the user interviews.

What we are looking for:

- Someone who has previously conducted such user research

- Comfortable with asynchronous communication

- Experience of conducting user research with people from Tier-2 /3 cities and non-native digital users, will be a plus

- Comfortable in conducting interviews in Hindi language


- Apply on the site. Make sure you have a quality portfolio with samples of user research studies.

- Interview for those shortlisted

- If need be, a live user interview task on Zoom | Max: 15-20 mins

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Terms & Conditions

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