UI UX Designer Gig

We are looking for a UI UX Designer for a client project. This is a paid gig of around 6-8 weeks, to conceptualise user journeys for investment products.

Role: UI UX Designer

Output: Prototype, Hi-Fidelity wireframes, approx 10-15 screens

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Commercials: Rs. 1L

Location: Remote

Part-time/Full-time: Choice is yours, we are focussed on the output

Project starts: Immediately

The project involves improving and charting out new user journeys to enable better discovery and understanding of investment products. You will need to create, from scratch, a prototype in Figma/XD for this journey. The prototype will be based on hi-fidelity wireframes and not final designs.

There will also be a demo day with the client, at the end of the project.

You will be working closely with Akshay, Co-founder UXHack, on this project. We will guide and mentor you for the entire duration.

We are a complete remote startup and operate asynchronously. Read more about our culture and working style here

We’d like to move fast and close out this hiring in the next couple of days.

If you know someone who’d be a good fit, please share this with them.

What we are looking for:

- Someone who has curiosity for fintech products and is a fast mover, grasps requirements quickly

- A genuine problem solver

- Comfortable with asynchronous communication

- Bonus: has worked on projects in the fintech space, understands different investment products, great with prototyping and hi-fi wireframes

- Has a quality portfolio with great work samples

- Is not too fussy with iterations

- We would prefer youngsters but are equally open to experienced folks


- Apply on the site. Make sure you have a quality portfolio with samples of work done.

- Interview for those shortlisted

- Final round (if necessary): Live design task on Zoom | max 15-20 minutes


For this Gig there is also a Product Manager position open. Ideally we’d like to have one person do both. If you are someone well skilled in both design and product, do consider applying to the designer position too: View details

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Terms & Conditions

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  2. Only existing UXHack members, who were members before this job post went live, are eligible for the referral bonus
  3. The referred person should join and stay with the company for 45 days

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