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Task Details

Brief Description: We are looking for panelists to give UX feedback on 4 e-learning platforms focussed on not-for-profit education for all. This is a collaboration between UXHack and Malpani Ventures

Payout per Feedback: Rs 4k
Approx. effort: 1-2 hours

UXHack has joined hands with Malpani Ventures to help democratize education.

E-learning is one of the ways how education can be democratized. Several not-for-profit startups are trying to make an impact through their content.

However, to get students engaged with their content, these startups also needs to ensure the UX is simple and intuitive.

Through this exercise, we would like to engage few panelists to use their expertise for some social good.

We have identified four e-learning startups who are doing some interesting work in this domain and we would like to seek your inputs on how UX of their sites can be improved:





More Details:

Panelists needed: 3-12 

Payout per Feedback: Rs 4k

Next steps:

- To show your interest for this project, you need to register via this page

- Post registration, you will need to add few details about your profile

- Based on your details, if we find a fit, we will notify you accordingly. The feedback section for one or more sites will be enabled for you

- Shortlisted panelists will get 7 days to complete their feedback

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