While the next Learning Hackathon is in the works, you can learn and improve your skills via our Weekly Challenges. The registrations are now open:
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About Learning Hackathons
We believe that the best way to learn is through application of thought to real-world problems. Learning Hackathons (LH) will give you the opportunity to do exactly this.
Participants will be given a real world problem faced by a large consumer brand, to solve, each week. You will have a week to come up with solutions. Along the way you will also get one on one feedback on improvement. In all you will be able to work on 4 challenges, a new one each week, for a month. Ideal for Product Managers, UX Designers or anyone who is looking to make a career in these fields.
Current LH Details


Dates: 27th May' 19 - 23rd Jun' 19

Problem Statement Launch: Sunday midnight of each week

Pit stop submission: Thursday

Final Submission: Till Sunday midnight


Improving accessibility for older age groups, digital governance and discovery, niche/segmented e-commerce, improving usability

Output format

Output can be a wireframe, prd, design or even a document with points.

Formats: PPT, PDF (recommended), Google Doc file


Overall top 3 performers gets Amazon vouchers.

Digital certificates for top 5 performers

- It's an online event and you can participate from anywhere. It's an individual participation event

- India Time unless specified

- The participation fees in non-refundable

What participants have to say
UX Team Lead
Zensar Technologies

UX hackathon is a unique concept. Interesting problems, weekly deliverables, peer learning and insightful feedback, it’s faster way to become a better UX designer.

I’m used to giving feedback in my organisation, but I’ve not seen better feedback given like this before. It was very constructive. It really helped and also taught me how to give good feedback

Account Manager
22Feet Tribal Worldwide
Sr. UX Designer
FP Tech Science

You are really putting in a lot of effort. Keep going guys!

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