• Digilocker: Improving Feature Discovery

Challenge Details

Case Study brief: You need work on the user flows for DigiLocker app to improve discoverablity of its powerful features and help user gain confidence in the app
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Design, Problem Solving, Research

DigiLocker is a key initiative by the Government of India under its Digital India theme. It is available as both a web and mobile app based platform. It provides Indian citizens the ability to store, in digital format, Centre and State issued IDs, including but not limited to Driver’s Licence, Aadhaar Card, State Board certificates and other such documents.

The most important part is that these digital copies are valid proofs. Basically, as an example, you do not need to carry physical copies of Aadhaar, PAN and even RC (for vehicles) and can just show the digital copy when asked for by authorities (including police and at airports).

One of the main goals of DigiLocker, in the long run, is to improve the government-citizen interaction experience by going paperless.

In fact, some private organizations have also started accessing digiLocker documents as proofs.

It’s safe to say, then, that this is a powerful app given the number of tie-ups it has and the power it gives Indian citizens. Yet, the app does not communicate this. Infact to a lot of people who don’t know about DigiLocker the question is: Why do I need it when I can store everything on Google Drive anyway?

And therein lies the key difference: This is a Government created app and every document fetched through it is a valid proof. This obviously is not the case with a generic cloud stored copy or one stored on mail.

The problem is not just of awareness but extends to the app itself. A user will find it difficult to understand what are the benefits of having DigiLocker vs normal cloud storage.

And in this hackathon this is the problem we want you to solve:

- How can discovery of the key features (of linking and fetching Govt documents) be improved?

- How can the power of these features be reinforced?

- What needs to be improved so that the user is confident that these are Govt issued documents?

- What are the other means by which trust can be gained from someone who has downloaded or is thinking of downloading DigiLocker on Playstore/App Store?

While the app has other issues (of navigation and confusing display), your primary focus must be on ensuring that a user or a prospective user sees the benefits of the app and can avail them. If fixing of these issues helps a user discover/avail the benefits of the app, only then add them to your solution, not otherwise (and please give a justification for it).

Also, we are not looking for suggestions such as: ‘run a marketing campaign’. Remember, as a designer/product manager the constraints are that you can improve only the product (and that the marketing team handles its marketing). Hence, focus on what can be improved in the product itself. That said, there are channels available to a product manager/designer to influence users, besides the app itself (bonus points if you get this).

Expected output: PDF preferred

Important points:

- If you are using screenshots, it’s a good practice to annotate them

- We are NOT looking for redesigns, but changes that are practical and easy to implement

- We are not looking to improve the ‘Upload documents’ feature

- You can solve for any one platform: Android or iOS

- Government of India is NOT hosting this challenge. This is a Learning exercise. However we will ensure the best solutions reach the right authorities.

- For those outside India or if you are unable to use DigiLocker for any reason, please drop us a line at support@uxhack.co so that we can share screens with you

You can find more information about digiLocker on following links:

- www.livemint.com

- Digilocker.gov.in

Link to download mobile app:

Android: Click Here

iOS: Click Here

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