Case Study brief: You need to implement a new use-case (Amazon Pantry) in the existing Amazon flows (website/app/mobile)
Difficulty: Hard
Skills Evaluated: Communication Skills, Design, Ideation, Prioritization, Problem Solving, Research

Amazon has almost entered every e-commerce category that one can think of in India. However until 2017, it was only targeting categories that are infrequent or on-demand purchase.  But with the launch of Amazon Pantry in 2017, it started focusing on a daily/weekly habit of any Indian home i.e. grocery shopping.

Recently, it has put more impetus on this category which now covers 110 cities. Also, ‘Grocery’ shows up first in the menu on Amazon properties in India, even before Mobiles.

This can also be attributed to the recent funding movement that has happened in this segment. With the likes of BigBasket, Milkbasket and Grofers raising fresh funding, Amazon obviously has its task cut out.

However, one big difference between other players and Amazon is that while others are focused only on this segment, for Amazon, it is just a new category that it serves to Indian consumers.

How a consumer discovers, browses and shops for Grocery items is definitely different than electronics or other items. For Amazon, it becomes more challenging where it needs to balance a seamless experience that is unique to its brand and yet a personalized one based on category.

Furthermore, in India, grocery shopping differs from other markets: a lot of the grocery items get delivered to people’s homes as also local kirana stores offer credit to regular customers.

With this background, for this challenge, you need to come up with UX solutions that help Amazon to further make inroads in this category and make this as a default choice for Indian consumers.

The flow for this challenge needs to be optimized for an existing Amazon user who does Grocery shopping from one of the other players mentioned above.

Important points:

- You must only focus on UX optimization of the existing app and not recommendations like ‘separate Amazon Pantry app’ and designing for that is not acceptable.

- Additional points for solid, primary user research

- If you are using screenshots, it’s a good practice to annotate them

- You can solve for any one platform: Android or iOS or Mobile site. Apart from it, you can also look for improvements in any communication (paid/organic) that might be used to target existing Amazon users.

- Amazon is NOT hosting this challenge. This is a Learning exercise. However, all top solutions will be shared with Amazon India team

Additional Resources:

30 May' 19 - Amazon Pantry doorstep delivery to 110 cities

05 Jun' 19 - Grocery startup Bigbasket is India's newest unicorn

04 Jun' 19 - Milkbasket funding by HUL ventures

16 May' 19 - Softbank leads 200 million investment in Grofers

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