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Case Study brief: In this challenge, as a Product Manager you need to plan on introducing Social Gaming aspects in RummyCulture
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Metrics, Problem Solving

About Rummy Culture:

Rummyculture is one of the real money games by Gameskraft and we are growing very fast. To ensure the high rate of growth while building defensible value propositions, we believe that building on elements of social aspects within the game can improve retention, engagement and user acquisition. You are the Product Manager at RummyCulture with the mandate. Over the last few years, social gaming has turned out to be the ultimate engagement lever across games. Keeping that in mind, you plan on introducing Social Gaming aspects in RummyCulture.

1. What according to you are the 3 key features you’d like to introduce in the next 9-12 months keeping the following in mind:

- Current Engagement Lever

- Competitor Study

- Previous learnings

- Feature Hypothesis

2. How would you prioritise all these features? You need to define a long term roadmap for the next 9 -12 months along with short term milestones you’d want to reach.

3. For each of the suggested features, you are required to cover the below mentioned pieces:

- What are Success Metrics for each of these features?

- How would you plan Experiments, and conclude?

Insight into the real money game market :



APK ResourcesRummyCulture Download Link

Discalimer: The content, views, information or opinions expressed during this Assignment/Challenge (Rummyculture) are entirely those of Gameskraft Pvt. Ltd. and are solely used on this platform for recruitment/hiring purposes and do not represent those of UXHack and its employees.

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