Problem Statement:

You are traveling from Delhi to Mumbai on 5th April and have booked a ticket which is waitlisted.

You need to use the Ixigo Train app to check your current PNR Status

As part of the challenge you need to optimise the user flow for this use case.

Part 1:

Discoverability of the PNR Status flow

Part 2:

Pre Journey Screen of the PNR Status flow

You can suggest improvements related to addition/removal of features, information and its presentation as would be relevant to a user who wants to travel on this ticket

Part 3:

Checking the status again

How can the flow be optimised for you as you try to check the status again, maybe a few hours later

(The three Parts above are only meant to aid your thought process. We are not looking for 3 solutions)

Your PNR number is 2260082893

App link:

Android -

iOS -

If you have suggestions related to Ixigo but not part of this user flow, please keep a note of the same as you can get bonus points for the same.

PNR Screen screenshots:



Expected output:

1. The submission can be a document, wireframe, a note capturing the improvements that you would like to suggest 

2. Redesigns are not essential. We are not looking for beautifully created screens. Annotated screens will do.


1. You do not need to Login to the ixigo app to use this feature

2. Please do not ‘Cancel’ the ticket as this is a real world journey ticket being used by all participants

3. Pit-stop submission(optional): Monday midnight. This is to clarify any doubts and help improve your final submissions

4. You can use the ‘Submit’ option to share the Pit-Stop submission. Your final submission will overwrite this. The solution uploaded last will be considered for final evaluation

5. You need to solve for any one OS app and not both

6. Ixigo is NOT hosting this challenge. This is just a learning exercise

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