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Challenge Details

Case Study brief: In this challenge, you need to optimize the assessment flows of the app to make sure people complete the assessment
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, User Research

About Masterlife

At Masterlife, we are trying to change the way Indians live. Most of us go through life without knowing what true happiness is. True happiness isn't about having all the money in the world or having a six pack. It's about balance. Masterlife is a platform that helps you identify the areas of imbalance and then helps you fix it through its self-paced and community learning programs. We want you to know that you can have it all.

What makes the platform unique is we provide a measurable road map for those of us who spend time charting our goals but give up midway. Inspired by and put together by some of the most credible thought leaders out there, each of our courses allows for maximum success in your chosen sphere. We get it – there is a deluge of information out there and a whole lot of it is given away at no cost. At Masterlife we have put together content with measurable insights so you can track progress and also see how you fare relative to others in your age group, gender and other categories.

The 8 areas of The MasterLife that you need to have balance in are Business & Career, Contribution To Society, Finance & Wealth, Fun, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Personal Growth and Spirituality.

Masterlife is trying to help the 300 million Indians between 25-40 to navigate through work, relationships, life and helping them be better versions of themselves.

To Download the app

- Apple: https://apple.co/349jitv

- Android: bit.ly/androidmasterlife

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masterlifeofficial/

- Sample video on platform: What is Mindful Eating?

- Website: www.masterlife.in

Problem Statement:

Increasing Conversion on the platform through assessments: 

As soon as a user downloads and signs up on the app, they’re asked to take an assessment. We are seeing most people not complete the assessment.

How can we optimize the assessment to make sure people complete the assessment? 

Next, once someone takes the assessment, we give them the results but we need them to convert revenue generating users. People should look at the assessment and go “Oh my god! I need to pay for the app now.”

As a product manager, you are responsible to increase the overall assessment completion rates and increase the engagements during the assessment thus encouraging the users to convert them to pay for the course.

What according to you are the 3 key features you’d like to introduce to increase the assessment completion rates keeping the following in mind:

- Current Engagement Levers

- Competitor Study

- Data backed approach / Previous learnings

- Feature Hypothesis

Out of the 3 features that you chose, Choose 1 hero feature that you think will have the maximum impact and

1. Why do you think your chosen feature will have the maximum impact?

2. Come up with wireframes for the feature that you are building (rough mocks, sketches, will do)

Evaluation criteria

- Communications Skills

- Analytical ability

- Problem solving ability

- User Research

Current Status

1. We just went live on April 5th 2020

2. We have 350 people signed up on the app

3. 12 influencers and 12 courses on the platform

4. We create free videos, book summaries to get people coming back to the app

5. We have 17 assessments, 8 book summaries, 12 courses across 8 categories on the


6. Goal: Reach 10,000 downloads in 3 months, July 2020

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