Netflix is looking to grow massively in India and is focusing a lot on this market. It recently also launched a much cheaper 4th plan, so as to attract more paying users. And while Netflix is working hard on the content, marketing and pricing of its product for India, we feel it can tweak its UX to cater to India's unique market, to make inroads.

In this challenge, you need to find 1 most impactful product change that will drive user acquisition for Netflix in India. This change can be substantiated with examples/mockups/wireframes as also user research.

The quality of your solution/improvement will be judged on the depth to which you go. So, generic solutions like: localisation of content will not do. You need to explain the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ parts: Why would a particular solution work and how can it be made to work by Netflix in India.

And while there can be several areas that can be improved, you need to focus on the most impactful one. So between two solutions you should pick the one which drives user acquisition more.

At the core of the solution must also be the reason why Netflix must make the change specifically for India, given that it is a relatively successful product across markets, offering a fantastic user experience, in general.

Important points:
- You must only focus on product changes. Hence, while it’s tempting to say: create more Indian content, this solution is unrelated to the product (directly) and hence not acceptable. However, if the content can be improved using the product, you can develop it in your solution
- Additional points for solid, primary user research
- If you are using screenshots, it’s a good practice to annotate them
- You can solve for any one platform: Android or iOS. Apart from app, you can also look at communication improvements that Netflix does to reach out to a new user
- Netflix is NOT hosting this challenge. This is a Learning exercise. However, all top solutions will be shared with Netflix India team

Resources & Reading:

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