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Case Study brief: In this challenge you need to come up with ideas to refresh our homepage
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Prioritization, Problem Solving, Research

t’s been more than a year since we last updated our homepage. At that time, we were shifting focus from a B2B flow to one that we felt resonated more with our community (B2C). Also the use cases then were simple: Challenges that we had already conducted on our platform needed to be highlighted.

Since then a lot has changed and many events and use cases are now a part of UXHack. Plus several more are soon to be launched. 

Additionally our community has grown: now approaching almost 3000 members, and our homepage doesn’t truly reflect that.

So we felt it’s an ideal time to hear ideas on how our homepage can be refreshed to match with what UXHack now is and wants to be in the year/s to come.

You need to share your concepts for the homepage and what it should look like, especially for new users who are visiting UXHack for the first time.

Plus, we would also like the homepage to be attractive for companies who would like to work with us for use cases such as Hackathons, Hiring, UX Audits and Feedback. When we say this, while focus still remains B2C for home page, there should be clear nudges for businesses to go and explore our offerings - leading to a landing page for businesses.

The concept can be in the form of mocks or wireframes or even a note. We aren’t looking for detailed submissions, given the time on hand, but more so suggestions that are impactful and which would truly help new users discover everything that we do, and have plans for.

Please note:

  • We do feel primary research is critical for this challenge: getting a view from someone who has never visited UXHack before, but would ideally benefit if they knew and understood what we do. Insights from such users will be extremely valuable for us and should be a part of your suggestions
  • Most existing users would likely have a bias, given they already know the challenges we have done.
  • You can check the complete event calendar here: UXHack.co/events to get a sense of what’s coming up and has taken place on UXHack
  • Some important use cases that we have launched in the last year are: Feedback, Eldorado, Weekly Challenges, Hiring Hackathons and multiple company hosted events. You can explore each one of them through the updated header on the site.
  • We recommend you join the QnA of Friday to get an even better sense of this challenge.
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