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  • Curbing spread of Fake News in times of Crises

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Brief Description: Fake news is dangerous in normal times, but in present times, with the spread of COVID-19, even more so. In this challenge, you need to find ways to curb the spread of fake news on Whatsapp, through product improvements.
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Problem Solving, Communication

Misinformation and fake news have surged in recent times, especially on Whatsapp.
While WhatsApp is trying to build out features to counter this (check links below), you need to go beyond these to find practical solutions.

What’s important to keep in mind is the way misinformation spreads, especially in the Indian context: the medium used, the language, the methods as also the awareness that exists about the dangers of fake news.

We are NOT looking for redesigns but for simple ideas that are easy for users to adopt.

At the same time, your ideas should not meddle too much with Whatsapp’s biggest feature: simplicity.

Also NOT acceptable are generic suggestions on getting Whatsapp to do awareness campaigns. Your suggestions should only be limited to changes in the product.

We are looking for a maximum of 2 product ideas/changes/suggestions (we are ok with just 1 impactful idea too)


- Retain simplicity

- Ease to adopt

- India context: medium method, awareness, language

- Max 2 ideas

Useful Links:

- Whatsapp Beta Fact Checker : Techcrunch

- Official Whatsapp Bot by Ministry of Health for COVID-19: Techcrunch


- You are free to use any format be it text, video, audio

- Incase of a document, PDFs are preferred

- You can also choose to use the inbuilt editor

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