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  • Building Better Nudges for Subscription Service

Brief Description: In this challenge you need to create better nudges to convert free users into paying subscribers for a video streaming service
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Prioritization

Youtube has become an almost indispensable product incase you are interested in video based content. Be it tech reviews, recipes, learning, game streaming, short form or long form content: Youtube is the go-to product.

A large part of this ‘indispensability’ comes from Youtube being free and ad-supported. 

Content creators get a platform with a huge user base and also earn via ads. Businesses get the eyeballs they want in exchange for some money. And Youtube benefits from both, as it keeps enhancing an already fantastic product. 

A clear win-win for all, especially the viewer.

But things started changing a year back as Youtube launched Youtube Premium and began pushing people for trials, aggressively.

Aggressively is the keyword here: because we as users are used to subtlety as far as Google products go. And while the aggression has helped convert some users, a large set of users is, if one can call it, ‘irritated’.

In this challenge you need to find ways to reduce or do away with this ‘irritation’ while ensuring that overall business objectives aren’t massively impacted. 

Essentially, you need to find subtle ways in which nudges for Youtube Premium can be created, as opposed to the prompts and pop-ups that we presently see.

Also, you need to suggest a rule based funnel (i.e. defining parameters on how to bucket users based on their interaction with youtube) that can help manage different types of users. These rules should ensure the prompts and nudges are shown to the most relevant set of users, and at the right time.

The suggestions you make should be a mix of both design and rule changes.

Please Note:

  • This challenge is NOT hosted by Youtube and is only a learning exercise
  • We are not looking for redesigns, but you may choose to make mocks
  • The rules can be simple pointers or can also be visually represented, the choice is yours
  • The suggestions should be for the Youtube app only

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Formats & Templates:

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