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Brief Description: In this challenge you need to find ways in which Zomato can cater to the nutrition and wellness needs of its users, via the app
Difficulty: Medium
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Ideation, Prioritization, Research

In the last few weeks, Zomato has achieved something remarkable: it has unlocked the value that its user base carries in the form of an IPO, valuing it at $8bn.

This despite being a loss making company, and operating in a discount fuelled, competitive market, albeit a duopoly.

Even so, now that Zomato has achieved what most startups (and most importantly investors) set out to do, the focus will move to the most important metric: profitability.

While its delivery and ad listing arm will no doubt gain more traction, with ordering becoming a habit, there is a limit to the margins this business can deliver. 

And there is a strong competitor, equally well funded, to keep things in check. Plus, there exists the possibility of Amazon entering the fray and restaurants moving away, if commissions are increased.

Amidst all this, Zomato has kept its options open with 2 plays: it recently invested in Grofers and within its app it talks about ‘Nutrition’ 

This challenge is focused on the 2nd bit of Nutrition and well being.

While food ordering is becoming more prevalent, there is no doubt that some people still have concerns on regularly ‘eating outside food’. It isn’t considered ‘healthy’ and for most people, ordering is an occasion.

Even for regulars, concerns exist on if what is being consumed is ‘good’: it’s not a question of food safety, more a question of the impact the food has on our bodies and health.

Zomato is uniquely positioned to be a ‘Food app’ for its users. i.e. Go beyond the small framework of being a ‘Food delivery app’.

So, in this challenge, you need to find ways in which Zomato can reposition its ‘Nutrition’ play, so as to make it more meaningful to users. The goal is to help users make better food choices, while also taking away the guilt of eating ‘outside food’.

Presently, the ‘Nutrition’ tab is only focused on a marketplace for supplements and white labelled products. But you need to imagine what more this section can be, especially given the trove of data Zomato has.

Your submission can be in the form of a note or a design/wireframe/mock on what this tab should be about.


  • We do not expect pixel perfect designs: that is not the intent of the challenge. The focus should be on your concept for Nutrition on the app and how well you execute it (hint: nudges)
  • We recommend primary user research, to gain insights from regular users, to understand what ‘Nutrition’ truly means to them
  • The scoring parameters are mentioned in the brief above, with a heavy focus on ideation and communication skills
  • This challenge is NOT hosted by Zomato and is a learning exercise
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  • Akshay.Kanade 5 days ago
    Welcome to the Challenge folks! Nishith and me are here to help Use this space to ask doubts and questions regarding the challenge. The full problem statement will go live Thursday night 10PM IST. Cheers
  • Santosh.Kumar 5 days ago
      Nishith.Gupta 4 days ago
      Hey Santosh, did you try posting something. Looks like it went as empty.
  • meghna.nakhate 4 days ago
      Nishith.Gupta 4 days ago
      Hey Meghna, did you try posting something? Looks like it has come in as blank.
  • Santosh.Kumar 4 days ago
    Yes I did, I was trying ask more details about the challenge
      Akshay.Kanade 3 days ago
      Cool. If there is anything more, we are here Also there is QnA this evening. We'll also walk you through the challenge And there'll be a recording of it here too
  • Akshay.Kanade 3 days ago
    Check out the QnA + Walkthrough here: https://youtu.be/8_Wic-zScv8
  • meghna.nakhate 21 hr ago
    I wanted to know if you review the challenge-solutions on yt/zoom with all participants? It would be a good idea btw
      Akshay.Kanade 14 hr ago
      Yes Meghna we do. Check out the live page for session details: https://uxhack.co/live/ and do join in tomorrow evening
  • Dhiraj.Raj 17 hr ago
      Akshay.Kanade 14 hr ago
      Hey Dhiraj let me know if you were facing an issue commenting and if you have any question.
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