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Weekend Hackathons - Launch

Akshay Kanade | 16 Nov 2023
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We are excited to launch a short Hackathon format called Weekend Hackathons at UXHack. Participants get one weekend to improve one screen in a real world product.

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How Hackathons became a Growth hack for our Startup

Nishith Gupta | 04 Oct 2023
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We did 7-8 hackathons in first couple of years that helped us get around 1000 users on our platform. Read how we did it and key takeaways if you want to do one for your startup

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Is Hackathon concept only good for Ideation?

Nishith Gupta | May 2022
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That's what even I thought when I learned about hackathons for the very first time! In fact, I can't blame it as most hackathons that one would see are about Ideation and building a quick Proof of concept for it. I think this stems from the fact that ge

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Hack For India - UX Hackathon to improve popular Government products

UXHack Team | Mar 2022
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Hack for India is a unique UX Hackathon jointly organized by UXHack and Malpani Ventures to improve popular Government products

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Weekly Challenges

UXHack Team | Mar 2020
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Weekly challenges are a fun, quick way to sharpen your product and design skills. Each week we’ll host a new challenge, based on a product or topic of interest. And you need to hack out a quick solution.

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IRCTC Hackathon

UXHack Team | Dec 2018
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We conducted a UX Hackathon for IRCTC with demo day for finalists on 1st Dec' 2018

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HackforChange: Participants battle it out to help NGOs

UXHack Team | Jul 2018
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HackForChange is a unique UX Hackathon aimed at improving the UX of NGO websites and digital assets, leveraging the power of our community of designers and product managers. The event was made possible thanks to the collaboration with iVolunteer and partn

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