BHIM Onboarding Flow

| Aug 2020
BHIM Onboarding Flow

This step during "Onboarding flow" is made simply complex.

At this stage:

1) It's a complex UX to understand for a user as Why his/her Verification Failed?

(You could list "Probable Reasons" as Why verification generally fails instead of "Due to some issues - Text")

2) Try Again and Try Later - The buttons sound similar. Whenever a user tends to reach this stage for the first time (Failed Verification), A user would have already reached a sad state, upon which making a user understand buttons and taking decision between them would add to bad/Complex UX.

Ps: I ran a small experiment with 10 users in which 4/10 had experienced Verification Failure. They (4/10) explained to me that, reaching this state is quite obvious in all Fintech applications but the above two reasons are what frustrates them the most they added!

Solution: Run A/B experiment for a feasible design solution.

What do you think?


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