Zomato - A long awaited UI overhaul

| Sep 2019

Zomato updated Its app UI recently and it is anything but a regular increment. As Zomato started out as a restaurant review platform and kept adding features, the app became too many thigs to too many people.

The new UI simplifies the product into 4 basic categories – Order, Go Out, Gold and Videos. Order and Go Out have been further into two vertical sub-groups – Deliver & Self Pickup and Dining & Nightlife respectively.


Newlook – Simplifies the UI and increases usability as well as real estate optimization

• Videos Feature – Not sure what value it adds yet

• New loading page with quotes – Cool feature as it keeps uses engaged even when internet sucks.



    • Manish Jha
    • Expanded on this in a post on LinkedIn. Please do read and react--> https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zomatos-new-ui-lean-isin-manish-jha/

    • | 118 days ago

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