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About the Event

DHH is a Design Hiring Hackathon conducted by UXHack to help companies quickly identify quality design talent through profile + skill matching and assessments. The aim is to make the process of hiring quality talent, hassle free

  • Candidate registrations begin22nd March
  • Common assessment go live31st March
  • Company access to candidates1st April
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How does it work?

- Get Recommended profiles based on Job requirement with MatchScore

- Get wider reach by tapping into our existing talent pool (500+ assessed profiles)

- Invite to Apply/Interview based user flows

- Serve real-world assessments to shortlisted candidates

- Assignment evaluation by experienced professionals

- View detailed scores across key parameters

Who is this event for?

Ideal for growth stage startups (Seed to series A) looking for Young designers (< 5 yrs of experience)

Roles: UI UX Designers, UX Designers, UX Researchers, Product Designers. Also Design Interns

More Details

How does it work?

- All candidates whose profile is verified by UXHack, will be matched to job posts

- Candidates are scored on the basis of the Skills demonstrated on UXHack (if available), portfolio, past experience and work ex

- Based on these parameters, companies will reach out to relevant candidates for a role

- Companies may choose to serve an assessment for which candidate will get notified

Which companies are hiring from this event and what kind of roles are they offering?

- A number of product companies have shown an interest to hire from the event

- These include well funded startups, both in B2B and B2C, design agencies as also companies working in interesting areas such as conversational AI

- A full list of companies will be shared with registered applicants and they will also be able to see the JDs before taking up the common assessment

- Companies are especially keen to hire designers with 2-3 years of solid design experience

- Additionally, there a few companies looking to hire for Senior Designer/Design Lead roles, and expect 5+ years of experience

- Besides this UXHack will also be hiring from this event for an exciting project role

Who is this event for?

Ideal for young designers with a good portfolio and 2-3 years of solid design experience. Based on interest, we may open a separate round for design interns

Roles: UI UX Designers, UX Designers, Product Designers. Also Design Interns

Why UXHack

We’ve conducted several product and design hackathons and have a pool of pre-assessed design talent, 500+ profiles, on our platform. We have design talent from Adobe, Smallcase, E&Y, HSBC, Ather, Lollypop Design, Internshala on our platform, which makes us an ideal place to spot, assess and hire quality talent

Some of the companies where our 2500+ members work at

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What are the charges for a company to participate

- Companies can participate in the event for Free. Our focus is to match quality design talent with the right roles
- We also have paid plans incase of custom requirements. Do get in touch for more details on these

How many candidates are expected?

- We expect a fair turnout of 100+ candidates for this event. Additionally companies have the option of tapping into our existing pool of 500+ design profiles via ‘Invite to Apply’

What are the kind of profiles we can expect?

- Our core network is young designers with 2-3 yrs of experience, with solid experience working in product companies
- A majority of our top talent has degrees and/or certifications in Design
- Besides this, we also have senior designers with 5+ years of experience and occupying head of design/ Lead designer roles across companies
- Finally, incase you are looking at interns, our rich community has attracted a lot of young talent from top colleges. These candidates have proven themselves across multiple UX challenges and assessments hosted on our platform

We are Interested in Hiring via this event

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