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About the Event

Design-a-thon is the very first design hackathon of GGSIPU- EDC, which aims to attract design enthusiasts across the globe who will become next generation designers, to come together to create novel solutions to various design problems and challenges in the design industry.


17th-28th Mar'23

  • Registration starts17th Mar
  • Registration ends25th Mar
  • Hackathon starts27th Mar 8 AM
  • Hackathon ends28th Mar 8 PM


  • Yogesh

    Yogesh Kumar Bhanu

    Design Director

    Enthudes Design Studio

  • Nishith Gupta



Event Partners

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This is a team event. You can form a team of 2-4 members

No, there are no registration charges.

To participate in the hackathon, one must be currently enrolled in a university, college, or higher secondary school.

The hackathon consists of 3 rounds:

Round 1: Registration of the team with portfolio and selection of teams (online) 10 teams will be shortlisted for round 2 based on their portfolios

Round 2: Problems will be given to the teams to work on for 10 hours.

Round 3: Presentation Round wherein the teams will be required to present and explain their respective solutions.

Details of the same will be available along with the problem statement. However, for most of our challenges we expect participants to submit the final submission as a PDF (incase of concept document) and design link (incase a prototype or design is needed)

You will need to explain your solution/submission to the jury. The format is your choice.

This depends on the specific problem statement, details of which will be available once the problem statement goes live.

Terms & Conditions

  • The final results will be purely based on discretion of Judges
  • In case of Notion links, Figma or other embeds, you are not allowed to update post the due date. Any such submissions, in which updates are found, will be disqualified automatically
  • You are not allowed to post your solution on social media or other medium, until the results are declared
  • Any kind of plagiarism will lead to disqualification of the submission

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