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Problem Statement

  • Strio Healthcare Logo

Strio Healthcare

In this problem, you have to redesign the Strio Healthcare website for their target audience



As a result of the digital transformation, the Indian E-pharmacy market was valued at USD344.78 million in FY2021, with prescription drugs accounting for 66.41% of the market. This market is expected to grow even faster in the coming years, at a rate of 21.28%.

Strio Healthcare, a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops responsive products for a changing world through innovation and market insights to ensure that patients in need have access to high-quality, effective, and affordable medicine. Strio Healthcare, as a company, wishes to capitalise on market expansion and deliver better products by expanding its reach 

- To showcase their products to potential B2B Customers and convince them to partner with them in a franchise model. 

- Sign-up partners & franchise owners and keep highlighting newly launched products at all times 

- To better organize their products and highlight the crucial details as well as improvising the actionable points. 

Basis the above objectives, Redesign the Strio Healthcare website to help them showcase their products to potential B2B customers and convince them to become franchise partners.

Other things you can add in the website are flow to sign up franchise partners, highlight newly released products, and make the actionable points better.

Link to existing website

Expected Output:

- A wireframe or design file

- We are NOT looking for beautiful redesigns, but low fidelity designs/wire frames ONLY 

About the Event

Ureckon is the annual techno-management festival of one of the largest institutes in East India, the University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata (part of the prestigious IEM-UEM Group). On February 18–19, 2023, Ureckon will host the 2nd annual Product Game UI/UX hackathon. It is being hosted on UXHack


18th-19th Feb'23

  • Problem statements go Live18th Feb 11 AM
  • Submission deadline19th Feb 3 PM
  • Shortlist19th Feb 4 PM
  • Final round19th Feb 5 PM
  • Results19th Feb 6:30 PM

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  • Akshay Kanade



  • Hemant Chhabra

    Senior Design Manager

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    Event Partners

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    Event Co-ordinators

    • Suvra Shaw

      UX Designer Intern


    • Kaustav Roy

      Design Intern

    • Trishita Biswas

      Ex-Design Intern

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    The event is open to students

    Details of the same will be available along with the problem statement. However, for most of our challenges we expect participants to submit the final submission as a PDF (incase of concept document) and design link (incase a prototype or design is needed)

    You will need to explain your solution/submission to the jury. The format is your choice.

    This depends on the specific problem statement, details of which will be available once the problem statement goes live.

    Terms & Conditions

    • The final results will be purely based on discretion of Judges
    • In case of Notion links, Figma or other embeds, you are not allowed to update post the due date. Any such submissions, in which updates are found, will be disqualified automatically
    • You are not allowed to post your solution on social media or other medium, until the results are declared
    • Any kind of plagiarism will lead to disqualification of the submission

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