Crowd Engagement in Crowd Funding

| Feb 2017
Crowd Engagement in Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is all about creating trust. Trusts usually build up from reliable stories, updates and word of the mouth. So for a crowd funding site to be effective, where it basically takes money from a bunch of strangers to achieve goals or help plight of other bunch of strangers, it needs to employ these tools more effectively., one of the leading crowd funding sites, encompasses these aspects in their approach. It uses social network tools like Facebook, Twitter sharing tool to compute number of shares and sort out trending topics in their home page. In this site, each topic builds its credibility by proper goal definition in form its Stories and people can track its goal completion in via Updates feature in the site, where author post their goal completion levels. Use of visual cues like images or videos is highly recommended in the site as its add human touch to author’s plight/goal

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