Creative UI design of website for electronic devices

| Feb 2017
Creative UI design of website for electronic devices

Talk of creative UI designs and keecker’s website will instantly strike you with its out of the box design .Keecker is a new type of movable computer that is designed with the home in mind . It will remind you of BB-8 robot from Star Wars movie series. Keecker lets you project movies & images, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, play video games and even redecorate your home, it lets you monitor every room remotely and get alerted in real time. All these are beautifully illustrated through their website. The ‘tool-bar’ like design at the bottom of the page shows the basic feature’s that are offered. The toolbar remains on the page throughout as you browse you through the different components of the website. This kind of a design is ideal for all electronic, mobile and computer devices related website which will give the user a unique browsing interface.

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