How Bank of America is leveraging the power of GPS to customer delight

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How Bank of America is leveraging the power of GPS to customer delight

What's interesting about it?

Using the GPS and photo capabilities inherent within a smartphone, Bank Of America has now started providing unique capabilities that enhance the customer experience and usability. BankAmeriDeals allows the customer to select his geographical location through the GPS and the app shows all the nearby places, be it a fast food chain like Burger King or a fashion retailer like GAP where there are exclusive Bank of America Deals.
No coupons, no promo codes, you just need to select the deals you like, activate it and avail it even on the go.Just use the eligible BoA credit or debit card to make the purchase and keep on getting cashbacks directly to your account while you are on the road. Not just that, it also allows you to locate ATMs and branches close to you, in case of any urgent need

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