Using Natural App icons to drive Downloads

| Dec 2018

This is a Snippet submitted on behalf of famous author and Game2Win Founder, Alok Kejriwal:

When we launched "Friends Forever" (Our 1st narrative Story Game on the Google Play Store: ), we used a generic 'good looking' icon for the game. The game had a good response & we kept updating the game while happily ignoring the icon. A point came when the game maxed out at 2-3k downloads a day. We had hit a 'download dead end'.

The UI team kicked in & analysed the icon. Why were showing a 'plasticky', 'white', 'artificial' image they asked me & the PM? We had no answer! Then, they turned the icon into a natural, comfortable, real-life image incorporating diversity & inclusiveness. The funny thing is - we had all these characters in the game but didn't expose them on the icon!


Old app Icon (Sept ‘17): 84734

New app Icon (Oct ‘17): 167756

98% increase

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